002Earlier this month publisher Iceberg Interactive released details on a publishing deal for for the combat race game for PC Gas Guzzlers Extreme which is scheduled for an October release at retail and on Steam and other  digital platforms.

The game contains more than 40 tracks featuring over 200 miles of tarmac and dirt, 12 insane weapons and 8 different multiplayer modes, Gas Guzzlers Extreme will blow you and your car away, in astonishing detail.

Tomislav Pongrac, Creative Director of Gamepires says:

“Our goal with Gas Guzzlers Extreme was to create a new vehicular combat experience, and one that breaks the typical mold. Fans of the genre will now be able to battle alongside their friends by creating a faction and taking on other clans in combat.”  He continues, “We are very excited about our partnership with Iceberg. It allows us to tap into many new possibilities for Gas Guzzlers Extreme. Iceberg’s years of experience and attention to detail will certainly be a factor in Gas Guzzlers Extreme’s success.”

I’m a huge fan of car combat games, when I was much younger I had a whale of a time playing Interstate ’76 there’s nothing better than racing around a track with huge chain guns welded to your car. I’d definitely keep an eye out for this game.

Want some screen shots? Sure:

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