YouTube YouTube’s Video Response feature has basically become a place where people can spam their videos to anyone and everyone. I’ve never received a legitimate Video Response that wasn’t someone promoting their new video which probably explains why Video Responses only have a .0004% click through rate.

In light of the poor CTR figures Google is deciding to ditch the Video Response on September 12, encouraging creators to suggest other users make the most of titles, hashtags, and descriptions in order for their videos to be discovered.

The announcement was posted on the YouTube Creator Blog and put the .0004% click-through rate in perspective:

“Only 4 out of every 1 million users who sees a video response clicks on it. So, on September 12 we’re going to retire this little-used feature as we work to develop more effective fan engagement tools for creators.”

The Creator Blog also highlights what they’re working on in order to replace the Video Response:

“The team is focused on enabling you to share video links in comments. Doing this in comments will let creators and viewers add more context to a video, and more context should drive more engagement.”

Whether this will benefit YouTube creators or not remains to be seen. I can however imagine that as soon as YouTube enable the ability to comment using Video URL’s much more unwanted spam is likely to happen.


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