glassA few weeks ago various rumours put Google’s wearable tech, Google Glass at a release price of $299 similar to that of the Nexus 4. More rumours surfaced saying that it’ll be making it’s retail debut at Best Buy who plan to put aside 6,000 square feet of store real estate for consumers to experience the device. These rumours have since been snubbed out by Google Glass comms Chris Dale.

Chris Dale, the guy behind the comms for Google Glass doesn’t really have a grasp for Twitter. Still brandishing the egg avatar we all begin with his tweet initially fell of deaf ears, that was until he confirmed himself to various news sources that his tweet was an official statement done by himself and he hasn’t fallen victim to hackers.

In a simple tweet, he smushed the rumours into the ground like an unwanted bug:

I believe it’s too early to tell what the price of Google Glass will be, it most certainly won’t be the $1,500 that Google is asking from the Explorers, but again, $299 seems a little too cheap for the tech involved. I’d probably put it more around the $400/$500 mark, but like I said it’s too soon to tell. BestBuy themselves have released a statement since the rumour saying that “if a partnership makes sense for our customers, the vendor and Best Buy, we would be open to considering expansion.”.

More on this as it develops..

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