projectloonGoogle have been busy over the past months with Project Loon, their helium balloon powered internet which is intended to provide an internet connection to more rural areas. Google have now taken the project to California to run some tests on signal-noise.

It seems that right now Google’s Project Loon is perfect for quieter rural areas where there’s not a lot of wireless interference. After running some tests in Fresno, California, Google have discovered that Project Loon’s balloons need to be much stronger in order to be used in busier areas where more radio signals are found.

“This is like trying to talk to a friend at a loud concert. The the music interferes with your voice, so your friend might have to ask you to repeat what you said a few times in order to make sure she heard it correctly. This will result in a more basic conversation; instead of speaking about complicated topics in depth, you’ll have to spend a lot of your time repeating yourself just to make sure your friend can understand you!”

Google now have an understanding on how signal noise interferes with Project Loons signals and now they can determine how strong they’d need to make their signal in order to transmit effectively in more busier areas.

[Source: Google]

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