GuncraftReleaseIt was only a matter of time before some fans got bored of the ever-popular Minecraft due to a lack of firearms, but fear not! Guncraft – the sort-of brainchild of Exato Game Studios – hit the Steam store on 10th August in the UK and is available at a very indie £11.99 (that’s USD$14.99), with a ‘4-Pack’ purchasable at £29.99 in case any pals would like a piece of that voxel pie.

With over eight styles of gameplay including Lava Survival, Spleef, Siege and Racing features, the game looks to make light of more realistic first-person shooters and opts only for ridiculousness; albeit a good kind of ridiculousness.

Players will be offered the ability to build their own equipment in Gunsmithing Mode, creating block-by-block one-off weaponry that adds individuality to all who play. And, of course, a shooter wouldn’t be a shooter without awesome killstreak unlockables including turrets and jetpacks, blimps, bomber planes and helicopters. Aww, yeah.

Another cool tidbit is the Trading Card Competition, in which two lucky Guncraft players will have their super-awesome smithed gun entries “immortalised on a Steam Trading Card, FOREVER” for the community of 40million+ Steam users to earn in-game.

Community feedback is also set to pave the way in which direction downloadable content will eventually travel, too. New maps, gameplay modes and other features will soon be in the pipeline.

Ah, and Mac users should note that whilst Minecraft is available to both PC and Mac players, Guncraft is currently a PC-only download. At least there will always be Creepers or Nazi zombies for the time being, just an unfortunate lack of middle-ground until Exato say otherwise.

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