Say more. Share more.

That’s the tag line for the upcoming app for iOS by the name of Lively. With social apps on the raise Lively is set to make an impression by offering no restrictions on text and image numbers.

Lively is all about sharing limitless content and stories with full freedom, and mobile exclusivity. Users can share their experiences and content with anyone using the app and is all about expressing yourself. I’ve be lucky enough to get hands on with the Lively app, currently in beta and have a few days to see just if the app lives up to all the promise.

Firstly, Lively really does have no limit. You can post as much or as few as you would like. With a simple interface that is easy to navigate and understand Lively also has a strong visual design that makes it stand out. Swipes and taps are all you need and on the iPhone 5, the size of everything in relation to the keyboard is prefect. Discovering and interacting with other users posts is easy. Filter your feed, read, enjoy and give a ‘like’ if you enjoyed it. Other then this though there isn’t any of ways to interact. No comments or such so it removes the worry of trolling. Which is good.

For now, there isn’t a lot more to say about Lively. The app is currently in beta and is set to develop further before the full release.

I would recommend checking out Lively and keeping your eye on it. It’s going to be a good app. You can find out more at

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