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The Humble Deep Silver Bundle, which was released no more than a few days ago, offers PC gamers a series of deals that they really can’t miss. The Humble Bundle itself is famous for presenting gamers with a host of games at a minuscule price. This new collection is no different.

For a price in which you see fit, you can buy Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Risen 2 and Sacred 2 Gold. Now, if you own ANY type of computer, no matter what the specs, you need to buy this! A game like Saints Row: The Third will very rarely have a price as low as this. You can literally put $1 towards to the bundle, and all of the games previously mentioned are yours! This really where you can future proof yourself with your finances, but you can also pick up some truly legendary games.

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The Deep Silver Bundle also presents us with another deal, one which although requires a minimum of $4.60, offers yet another great deal that you won’t want to miss. For $4.60 or more, you will receive the game of the year edition of Dead Island, and Saints Row: The Third featuring every single piece of DLC available for the game. Again, for such a tiny price, which equals out to £3.03, PC gamers cannot go wrong with this, and I urge all of you to indulge on this ASAP, take notice of the sales and save yourselves some money!

Finally, if you pay $25 or more, you receive all of the above PLUS Dead Island Riptide, where you’ll get the game with a discount of 37%! Be smart people, listen to the deals.

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