sp_atomic_wonderwomanInfinite Crisis, the upcoming free-to-play MOBA from Turbine are pleased to announce the new Atomic Wonder Woman champion with unwavering hope and a chainsaw of justice, Atomic Wonder Woman carves a path to victory, I mean, what could be better than Wonder Woman with a massive bad ass chainsaw.

Atomic Wonder Woman will become playable in-game beginning Wednesday, August 21 at the start of GamesCom in Infinit Crisis, a brand new MOBA based in the DC Universe that’s currently holding a closed beta.

In the aftermath worldwide devastation, Wonder Woman realizes her mission is now one of restoration. A melee Assassin who builds momentum by revving up her chainsaw, Atomic Wonder Woman boosts her powers with expert timing.

Be sure to sign up to the closed beta now, or give is a follow on Twitter as we’ll be giving away beta keys for Infinite Crisis.

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