Killzone-Shadow-Fall-Wallpaper-logoBeing an Xbox fan I can’t say I know too much about the Killzone series and sadly as First Person Shooters go, I’m more of a Call of Duty and Battlefield fan than anything else. What I can say about Killzone: Shadow Fall is that, that game packs a serious punch. Compared to DICE and Infinity Wards efforts this year Killzone: Shadow Fall might actually stand a chance at being one of the best FPS launch titles for the PlayStation 4.

Killzone: Shadow Fall takes a lot of inspiration from the single player campaign; “you have the freedom to play the game exactly how you want” at least that’s what Sony are saying about it. If you check out the trailer above you can take a quick look at the new customizable Warzone features which allows you to pick the number of players (4-24), rules, mission modes, classes, abilities and weapons you want to allow in a match, then save these choices as a preset to share with the rest of the Shadow Fall community.

killzone1These presets are what sets Killzone: Shadow Fall apart from the rest. Both Sony and Microsoft are pushing social sharing with their next generation consoles and Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Warzone feature demonstrates one of the ways Sony is becoming more social with the PlayStation 4.

Sony and the developers Guerrilla Games want to make Killzone: Shadow Fall accessible to everyone making it “easy to get into, but difficult to master”. The game’s multiplayer mode contains eight different rotating mission modes, four of which are new to Killzone: Shadow Fall.

Now, with Battlefield and Call of Duty we’ve become complacent with having to unlock weapons before we can use them. In Killzone Shadow Fall all 22 weapons will be available to the player from the off set leaving the player to decide where to specialise, the game also has three classes with unique abilities.

killzone 4So you’re probably wondering how your progression will be ranked if you’re not running round with a level 55 diamond encrusted shotgun? Simple. In Killzone: Shadow Fall they’ve redesigned their progression system to work with challenges rather than XP. In the game there are 1500 challenges to complete in the multiplayer mode.

What’s even more impressive is that Sony and Guerrilla Games will be supporting Killzone: Shadow Fall long after the games release with DLC, but unlike other games all of these DLC map packs will be free.

Holy shit I’m tempted to get a PlayStation 4 now.

Killzone: Shadow Fall is slated as a launch title for the PlayStation 4 which has a release date of November 15 for North America, and November 29th for Europe.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]

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