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league of legendsLeague of Legends, the insanely popular free-to-play Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and other games of it’s type are sadly classed as “eSport” games. There’s various different worldwide tournaments where people take part to win big prizes and worldwide recognition, for playing a video game.

In recent news a League of Legends player Danny “Shiphtur” Le has just been granted a visa and entry into the United State for being an “internationally recognised” athlete. Now to some, that might not seem so strange as some e-sport players have been granted visas in the past for one off events, but Le will be the first which is actually allowed to earn a salary.

Is this a joke?

Now, I’m starting to get used to any game with a multplayer mode to it being turned into some sort of “eSport”, as much as I hate the term. But a player of said eSport being granted access into a country which some people struggle to get into for years is an absolute joke. Though it wasn’t without it’s struggles, apparently. The Visa Bureau took some convincing to see that a video game could be considered a legitimate pro sport.

“We had to get endorsements from participants and prove that this is a consistent, viable career path and people can make a living playing games,” Riot Games VP Dustin Beck told Polygon last month

I get that people enjoy playing games competitively, but to be considered an actual “pro sport”, you’re having a laugh right?

[Source: The Verge]

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