wwHDWiiUNintendo seemed to have let slip a new limited edition Wii U bundle which featured at the end of a trailer showing off The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker’s Hero Mode difficulty which is set to be making a return in this HD remake. Nintendo almost immediately pulled the video but not before some NeoGAF members screen capped the bundle and found a re-hosted version of the video that you can see above.

The Wii U Wind Waker HD bundle is most likely going to include the black 32GB Standard Edition console complete with Zelda inspired gold trim. Along with the console you’re most likely going to get a copy of the game too, it is a bundle after all.

Nintendo have yet to confirm the bundle which is rumoured to be priced at $349.99, but I’m sure the video will be officially released and announced in the following weeks.

More on this as it develops..

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