lg_g2_cloud_balloon_610x338Last Friday in Seoul, South Korea LG decided to do a balloon related PR stunt to promote their new LG G2 smartphone. The plan was to release hundreds of helium balloon with a select 100 of them containing vouchers for a free LG G2 handset, what LG didn’t expect was that hundreds of people would turn up armed with BB guns and other sharp implements in order to capture the balloons before they escape.

This promotion, centered around the G2 and the Cloud, reportedly injured around 20 people as onlookers launched forth with spikes, nets, BB Guns, and home made grappling hooks in what can only be described as a Korean re-enactment of the Battle of Bosworth in an attempt to burst balloons, all for a mobile phone.

LG plans to compensate those injured by the skirmish wish medical treatment and have cancelled all future events for the G2 smartphone.

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