xboxonewhiteEarlier this week we learned that those lucky sods who worked on Microsoft’s next generation console would be getting their very own white Xbox One as well as a handful of other freebies such as one year of Xbox Live and all first party titles. It has since been confirmed that employees will in fact be getting these consoles and there’s a possibility of the white Xbox One coming to retail.

Buried amongst the reddit thread which first revealed the exclusive employee only Xbox One, everyone’s favourite Microsoft rep Larry Hryb aka Major Nelson responded to a question asking if the white console would ever come to retail with “maybe waaaay in the future”. Though he recently made a statement that this was “a joking ‘maybe'”.

So there’s a slight possibility of the white console coming to retail, but probably not for a long, long time. Maybe even a few years down the Xbox One’s lifecycle to boost sales? Who knows! Though, I’m not fussed about the availability of the console, I just want that controller.

[Source: Polygon]

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