Mars-Wars-Logs-Splash-Image1Mars: War Logs is an action RPG with mechanics similar to Mass Effect and The Witcher 2, but executed poorly. Why do I think that? Let us delve into this Xbox Live arcade title and I’ll tell you..

Lets start with the visuals as they are going the first thing that you are going to be looking at, they are terrible, lack lustre, and some of the characters eyes look as if they are going to pop out especially the character, Innocence.

mars innocence

The story takes place on Mars (if you haven’t already guessed) and it opens with a monologue from one of the main characters Innocence. The problem I have with the story is that it tries way too hard to be dark and gritty that it becomes laughable especially with the poorly written dialogue and the voice acting which is abysmal.

The last thing that I want at the start of a game is the main character being threatened with anal rape in a shower, but thank god the activity doesn’t happen; but you get to brutally beat the hell out of the guy later on.

The problem I have with the dialogue is that they seem to use profanity with no context, they just use it as fillers in conversation – or maybe the script writer couldn’t think of anything else.

The landscape and areas are really duMars skill treell and not very awe inspiring, before you say: “It’s set on Mars, it’s a desert”, Red Faction: Guerilla managed to make it interesting. It’s just the same grey murky colour scheme which makes me have no incentive to go and explore all the areas to look for new weapons or crafting items. What is with gaming and the grey colour palette? Since the Gears of War games, other games have gone with the industrial look and grey matter; hell even Gears is surprisingly colourful these days.

Throughout the areas you’ll find items that you can then use to help upgrade your armour or weapons, but the weapons that I seem to be using are broken bottles and lead pipes (Imaginative). I know that they are trying to give the sense that you are on the lowest part the food chain, but this is ridiculous.

Can this game be salvaged with the gameplay and mechanics? Well unfortunately the combat system is a clunky button masher and its not animated well at all. For example when you block and you turn to face the enemy when you’re doing so, it’s not animated at all and you spin around like an ice skater. Like most action RPG’s you have skill wheel to upgrade, such as combat and other attributes, but I find this a bit confusing because when I upgraded my power, I did not see a difference when it was put into practice.

As this is an Xbox Live title this is a pretty short review. I do not recommend that you play this game; there are far more superior action RPG’s out there that you can purchase for less and get a substantial experience and better combat systems like The Witcher and Mass Effect which I mentioned before. Who knows? Maybe it’s just me who had a terrible time with it, let me know your experiences in the comments below.

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