Pokemon X and Y

megamewtwoRemember a while ago when we were introduced to that Pokémon that looked like Mewtwo but wasn’t quite Mewtwo? Well the latest news from The Pokémon Company explains exactly who that character is and how they appeared.

The Pokémon in question is Mega Mewtwo, an ordinary Mewtwo that has Mega Evolved, a brand new type of evolution which will feature exclusively to Pokémon X and Y.

The Pokémon Company has really placed Pokémon X and Y into hyper drive and are throwing all sorts of super powered features our way, first however, we’ll talk about Mega Evolution.

Mega Evolution is a brand new evolution which can only be performed during battle. Mega Evolution will see certain Pokémon’s looks change and stats increase, giving Trainers a great advantage against their opponents. Some Pokémon that Mega Evolve may even change their Ability or type while in battle. Mega Evolution is limited to certain Pokémon which are under certain conditions, unlike regular Evolution, Mega Evolution isn’t permanent and can only be done during battle, after the battle has ended the Mega Evolved Pokémon goes back to their original state.

megamewtwonblazekinHow do you Mega Evolve a Pokémon I can hear you cry.. The main crucial element needed to Mega Evolve a Pokémon is the Mega Stone. Each Mega Stone is named after the Pokémon that it can be used on, for example, the Lucarionite Mega Stone will help Lucario Mega Evolve. Mega Stones are hidden throughout the entire Kalos region for players to find in order for them to unlock the power of the Mega Evolution.

There’s one special Mega Stone that won’t be hidden in the Kalos region and that’s the Blazikenite. This particular Mega Stone only comes from a special Wi-Fi distribution event which will begin on the games release date, October 12. In this special Wi-Fi distribution event via the Nintendo Network players will get a Torchic holding a Blazikenite Mega Stone. Players will need to evolve the Torchic they receive via the distribution into Combusken and finally into Blaziken in order to harness the power of this Mega Stone and Mega Evolve Blaziken into Mega Blaziken.

Finally if all this talk of super powered Pokémon wasn’t enough there’s another super-themed feature which will be coming to Pokémon X and Y in the form of Super Training. Super Training or S.T. allows players to help their Pokémon grow stronger when they’re not in battle. Using the 3DS touch screen players will see their chosen Pokémon take part in Super Training activities which will help boost their stats. These activities involve various different mini-games which will not only be fun to play, but increase their Pokémon’s stats.

With only two months to wait Pokémon X and Y is scheduled for release on October 12 for the Nintendo 3DS.

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