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Xbox One whiteAccording to anonymous sources speaking with CVG, Microsoft are planning to bundle a AAA “major third party title” with every Xbox One at launch, oh and did I mention that it’d be free? Rumours are currently pointing to FIFA 14 in Europe, but I’m holing out hope for something else.

According to the post by CVG:

Each new Xbox One console sold in Europe (and perhaps the US) will come free with the title that alone will retail at £40 or higher, in an attempt to kick away at the £80 premium Xbox One has over Sony’s PS4.

This comes from a source familiar with the deal who, of course, wants to be left anonymous. They spoke about how Microsoft are looking into adding more value into their Xbox One console without lowering the astonishing £429 release price. The post also mentions that the game hasn’t been revealed but it’s apparently a major Christmas release. Call of Duty: Ghosts? Nah, I doubt it.

Other rumours are saying that FIFA 14 will be the bundled game of choice on the Xbox One in Europe. I really hope not. Microsoft plan on holding a special press event at Gamescom in minutes which is supposedly when this rumoured bundle is going to be announced. So we’ll find out whether this rumour is true and if it is, whether FIFA 14 will be the bundled game of choice?

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[Source: CVG, IGN]

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