overviewMap_newThe last time Minecraft added a significant update to their world generator they added the Jungle biome into the mix. Now however the guys at Mojang are planning to completely re-work the World Generator in Minecraft to improve the way each unique world is generated.

In a recent blog post Minecraft developer Jens Bergensten explained the reason behind the World Generator tweaks. If you’ve ever played Minecraft you’ll know roughly how certain maps can be generated, sometimes there’ll be islands scattered about the place, oceans can be vast, sometimes you’ll be walking through a desert which suddenly changes into a snow storm.

This hadn’t bothered too many people, I for one wasn’t going to complain about the inconsistencies in biome placement (biomes are the different areas which contain a different climate zone for example; desert, jungle, forest, snow, you get the idea). I also know what it’s like to have a small insignificant error on something that you’ve created.

Bergensten hopes to add a far few changes into the next Minecraft update (1.7) mainly focusing on the World Generator. Certain fixes will include:

  • Tweaks to add more islands and checks to avoid huge oceans
  • Biomes have been put into four main categories: snow-covered, cold, medium, and dry/warm. Biomes will avoid getting placed next to a biome that is too different to itself (sometimes this still happens, but it’s very rare now and not all over the place)
  • We’ve added a whole bunch of new biomes…
  • … and most biomes have uncommon/rare variations that you may run into
  • We’ve also added a bunch of new terrain features, such as new flowers and trees

According to the blog post, they’re not done yet and no date for the update has been released, we have however been given a screenshot of the type of world that can be generated in Minecraft 1.7 which you can see in this post.

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