champagneiphoneOver the past week or so we’ve seen more and more of the “gold” or “champage” iPhone, is it the iPhone 5S? We’re not sure, no one is really sure, obviously Apple aren’t going to confirm or deny the rumours so we’re all sat here scratching our heads wondering what exactly this glamorous iPhone actually is?

Earlier last week saw some brand new shots of the gold/champage iPhone along side it’s older brother and sister. The images courtesy of Japanese site Weekly Ascii alegedly show the “new” iPhone 5S which is apparently getting announced on September 20th at Apple’s event next month. These pictures show of a more refined design along with a new, more slimline “iPhone” etched into the back. This could be because of the design overhaul that iOS7 is getting, or it could be because it’s all a pile of dog crap.

appadviceSoon after the Weekly Ascii leaks, App Advice came out with another leak that not only re-ignites the champagne fire, but also hints at the next iPhone possibly having a dual LED flash, again, more of a rumour as the image shows a hole rather than the supposed dual LED flash, so again it’s all down to speculation.

We’ve seen several different variations of the “gold” iPhone 5S, as well as the much cheaper “iPhone 5C” which is set to come in a bunch of colourful plastic cases. As per usual grab some salt on this one.

I do have reason to believe that these aren’t genuine thanks to past leaks of not only the iPhone 4 which was accidentally left in a bar, but the recently leaked “iPhone 5C”. The latest brightly coloured iPhone 5C’s have all been leaked with dodgy potato camera pictures and with quality aside the iPhones in the photo’s all seem to be hot off the production line – both of the photo’s of the champagne iPhones are crystal clear and seem to be as far away from a production line as possible. That’s just my two cents anyway. What are your thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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