graphiteiphoneApple Insider Sonny Dickson has revealed images of what he claims to be a new colour of iPhone 5S to accompany the oft rumoured Gold, Slate (Black), and White (with silver trim) colour variants. Salt shakers at the ready guys.

Revealed sometime this morning, these photo’s seem pretty genuine, but lack the “hot off the assembly line” potato camera shots that we’ve become used to with the rumoured iPhone 5C leaked images.

The images cover almost every angle you can think of including the front, back, side, top and bottom. They also show what appears to be a fully assembled model. Finally a little further down we’re shown images of the new ‘Graphite’ iPhone alongside the Gold/Champagne phone as well as the iPhone 5S screen assembly.

goldiphonegraphiteGood news is that both the Champagne and Graphite iPhone’s shown in the second picture show off the Dual LED Flash that we wrote about over the weekend – though it does look more like a camera sensor rather than a flash?

So if these leaked images are true, it seems like Apple are going all colourful this year. I’m interested to see whether the iPhone 5C is in fact something that’s going to happen as I’d love to get an iPhone, but not at the prices they’re at right now. I guess we’ll have to wait until the September announcement that Apple have scheduled.

Remember, these are just rumours and could just be some hobbyist redesigning existing iPhone 5’s and saying they’re iPhone 5S’s.

[Source: Sonny Dickson via Mac Rumors]

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