2122968-resolute_snakeeyesI talk alot about superhero comics but I have to admit their does come a time when all the bright coloured costumes madness becomes a bit to much. Just like eating too many Sherbet Lemons.

When this time arises I like to take a break and check out so other comic genres. So I’ll see what’s happening with The Transformers or Street Fighter and even on occasion, Manga. Though the one I always fall back on ?

The G.I Joe work done by IDW.

They may have the same goofy names of some Superheroes but it’s fresh to see a group of grunts fight against COBRA, a villain fight for an old Marvel comic.

Say what you want about the films, but let’s be fair it’s honest about what they are – action films which could easily be played about by a child with a handful of action figures.

So like any toy line with it’s TV show, they have a huge roster for silly sounding characters.

My favourite? Snake Eyes the Ninja. The banana in a bowl of kiwis. The one that stands out.

In any G.I Joe story I’ve read he had the power of Wolverine. To be the overused character of the cast.

Unlike Wolverine who’s had all this extra kitchen in the sink baggage added just so he could be the most interesting guy in the room, Snake Eyes hasn’t. Since his first appearance in the IDW continuity he’s been posed as being the most competent of the Joes. IDW have done the smart thing and given him his own comic series.

Now I think it’s time for Paramount to do the same thing.

Let’s a get a Snake Eyes solo film. If Paramount don’t know to go about this, look no further the X-men franchise. It may have took another go to get a Wolverine solo movie off the ground but apparently The Wolverine is a pretty good film.

Or do The Avengers in reverse. Let’s not have one character dominate the game, give him some room to play on his own and give other characters a chance to shine.

Like, the Navy guy with a parrot. No I didn’t make that up. Okay he is mute so maybe one Joe could come along for the ride just explain to the audience what’s going on.

Though I think Duke may out of the running for that..

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