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Xbox One coverRemember that first batch of Xbox 360’s way back in 2007 that couldn’t handle the heat? Yeah, I do. We, along with many others were plagued with the well known Red Ring of Death which resulted in turning our Xbox 360’s into useless piles of junk. Well that won’t happen with the Xbox One which has been designed to detect and prevent overheating.

Speaking with Gizmodo, Leo del Castillo, general manager of console development for the Xbox One said that while Microsoft can’t stop people misusing their consoles or accidentally blocking fans the Xbox One will now anticipate and prevent any harm done to the console itself.

“The way we designed the box, we don’t actually intend it to ever have to go to maximum speed under normal environmental conditions. But there is overhead,” Castillo said. “With the architecture of the Xbox One… we can dial back the power of the box considerably,” he continued. “We had a little less flexibility with the 360. So basically, if we couldn’t dissipate the heat, there wasn’t a whole lot of leverage we could pull to keep the heat from being generated, so we had a limited amount of time before it just shut down.”

“Xbox One can actually dial it back to a lower power state, so low in fact that it can in a mode that uses virtually no air flow.”

We’re unsure how this lower power state will effect the user, whether it’s more of a ‘standby mode’ or still runs but issues a cool-down warning to the user. del Castillo says “we try to be as transparent to the user as possible. We’ll allow the fan to go all the way up to maximum speed. They might notice the extra noise, and that will help to self-correct the condition.” if for whatever reason this doesn’t help cool the console down “we have the mechanism, the interface, to deal with that,” del Castillo added.

I’m holding out high hopes for the Xbox One, it seems that Microsoft have listened and made note of past mistakes. Sure they’ve pulled so many 180’s they’re probably really dizzy, but it shows that they’re paying attention to us, the users.

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