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playstation 4Sony have announced in an email sent to a number of UK retailers including Amazon UK that they can no longer guarantee that if you pre-order a PlayStation 4 in the UK you’ll receive a console at launch.

The news first came from online retailer ShopTo:

“Sony have confirmed all PlayStation 4 pre-orders placed from 6th August will now not be guaranteed for launch. You can still pre-order PS4 with us in case we receive cancellations and can fulfil your order for launch.”

With Amazon UK closely following suit:

“Please note – due to high demand, orders placed for the PlayStation 4 console from 6th August may be received after release date. We will ship orders as soon as we receive sufficient inventory.”

Various other UK retailers have also posted a similar message on the listing for the PlayStation 4. According to CVG who has heard from sources “close to the matter” various retail outlets have been promised additional units for general sale meaning that if you haven’t pre-ordered the PlayStation 4 there’s a slim chance of you getting one at launch.

Industry analysts have issued warnings on next generation console supplies saying that initial shortages are going to be expected. Whether or not this will be a repeat of the Teletubby shortage of 1997 remains to be seen, but it’s definitely something I’m looking forward to being a part of.

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