ps4-vs-xbox-oneThis week we’ve heard from both Microsoft and Sony in regards to their next generation consoles and their capabilities to download new games remotely whilst you’re away from your consoles.

Earlier this week we heard from Sony, more specifically, Shuhei Yoshida, who confirmed that PlayStation 4 owners would be able to remotely purchase and download content onto your PlayStation 4 via a smartphone or computer, what’s more is that the PlayStation 4 in question will start up, download the content, and go back to sleep as if nothing has happened.

A few days later Microsoft stepped up, more specifically, Mark Whitten, who also confirmed that the Xbox One practically does exactly the same thing. You’ll be able to download content directly from your smartphone or computer, the Xbox One will start up, download the content, and again, go back to sleep thank’s to the Low Power Mode.

This will ultimately solve the problem a lot of gamers have when a new game is released whilst they’re busy at school or work. You’ll be able to purchase and download the content during your break and have it ready for you when you get home. Presumably this also works with pre-purchased pre-orders. The same thing will also happen with game updates but player interaction isn’t required for this feature, just don’t be startled awake when your Xbox One decides to boot up at 3 am.

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