20130814_220319_thumbThe Japanese are crazy for Pokémon and quite rightly so, it originated in their country and it’s an awesome game. When it comes to Pokémon the Japanese don’t do things by halves. Our Pokémon X and Y pre-orders come with a pretty cool but quite generic Pokéball 3DS case, the Japanese pre-orders come with both an exclusive artbook as well as a Pokémon mini figure!

How can one get their hands on this exclusive pre-order bundle? Well for one you have to live in Japan – obviously, but secondly you’ll have to pre-order your game from The Pokémon Center – that’s right, in Japan they have real life Pokémon Centers. The Pokémon Centers in Japan have been known in the past to offer some pretty cool Pokémon swag.

Depending on which game you decide to travel to Japan and pre-order will decide what pre-order goodies you’ll get. Pre-order Pokémon X and you’ll get exclusive clear file folders, including one with an image of Xerneas. Additionally, the game will also come with a mini-Xerneas figurine. For those that decide to pre-order Pokémon Y you’ll also get the exclusive clear file folders featuring different artwork. It also includes a mini-Yveltal figurine.


Now if you’re not happy with the two exclusive clear file folders and the two figurines why not pre-order both and get an exclusive art book. The Pokémon Center has announced that those who want the best of X and Y, they’ll receive an A4 sized “World Art” book full of exclusive features and artwork including a cover designed by Game Freak specifically for this limited edition item.

That’s not all however, Japan were also treated to a Pokémon X and Y 3DS pre-order bundle which came with a copy of the game (X or Y) and an exclusive blue or gold console which we’ve written about before, these two bundles sold out within hours of being put on sale on Amazon Japan. The gold bundle sold out within an hour with the blue bundle for X and Y sold out within 9 hours.

When I say that Japan are Pokémon mad, I wasn’t joking.

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