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In an enormously straightforward question-and-answer video with Access PlayStation’s Hollie Bennett, Sony have clarified exactly which features of the PlayStation 4 will require a PlayStation Plus subscription.

For those of you that missed the E3 presentation, the ‘online-gaming-is-subscription-free-on-PlayStation-Network’ argument against fans of the Xbox will no longer hold merit; Sony explained that games with online multiplayer functionality will now require a PlayStation Plus subscription. Nevertheless, keep in mind that free to play titles – regardless of online capabilities and functionalities – are to remain completely free, as are services such as Netflix.

Similarly pleasant is the additional explanation that PlayStation Plus subscriptions will give users access to extra demos, early releases, discounts and free titles. Not bad, but what kind of sane gamer wouldn’t miss the extra cash?

Sony provided other useful tidbits of information over the course of the video, revealing that the DualShock 3 controller will not be compatible with the new console, and that the 500GB HDD available at launch can be replaced if desired.

As well as supporting 3D content, the new PlayStation camera was confirmed to efficiently record in 3D, detect 3D environments and house microphones for directional input and output audio; all making for in-depth augmented reality gaming.

Less impactful questions were happily answered, too; for those of you who are lucky (or, perhaps, unfortunate) enough to have an impossible amount of family and friends, Sony have raised the cap to 2000 friends per account. Equally, the launch console has been confirmed as “jet black” as opposed to the PlayStation 3’s “piano black”. Don’t laugh – someone would’ve noticed eventually.

Oh, and it’s going to be this big…

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PlayStation Plus subscriptions will start at £11.72 (USD $17.99, AUD $19.54) for three months, with annual subscriptions costing a £32.56 (USD $49.99  AUD $54.28). Time to smash some piggybanks!

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