ravaged2 Dawn Games announced earlier this week the launch of Ravaged Zombie Apocalype, a new update to the post-apocalyptic multiplayer shooter Ravaged which has jumped right on that zombie band wagon. This new update brings five new zombie infested maps as well as a new co-operative or single player game mode.

Ravaged began life as a huge 32 player first/third person shooter set across huge post-apocalyptic themed maps. Players took the role of the Resistance a Borderlands-type cast of delinquents each with their own set of unique skill sets. The game had a pretty slow start however with most servers barely breaking 6 players per team which was a real shame.

Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse could be this games saviour. In a brand new substantial update as well as a name change, Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse takes a leaf out of Left 4 Dead’s book and now offers either a single player, or co operative multiplayer game involving ruthless zombies. Players begin with a crowbar and must silently navigate around the map in order to find loot, better weapons, and fuel for cars which players can use to plow through hoards of the undead.

If you already purchased Ravaged your game should have received an update but if you’re new to the world of Ravaged you can get it from Steam. It’s actually on sale as I write this so check it out here.

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