riseofthetriadApogee software’s 1994 remake Rise of the Triad launched around a week ago on Steam, GOG.com, and Green Man Gaming, it’s a nostalgic trip back to the 1990 era of first person shooters and it’s not only a remake that still feels like a classic, it’s also turned a profit in a week, a pretty incredible feat.

According to Gamefront who originally reported the news it was rumoured that Rise of the Triad cost under $500,000 to produce, marketing budget included, with that in mind, that would put the DRM free shooter well into sales of around 30,000 copies.

Initially the news was broken by Interceptor Entertainment Marketing Director David Oshry, who sent out a tweet announcing that Rise of the Triad had made a profit. Soon after Gamefront reached out for a comment:

“Interceptor set out to create a specific game for a specific audience on day one,” said Dave Oshry. “We knew that if we kept costs down and delivered what we promised through the right distribution channels for that audience, we’d be successful.  Steam, GOG and Green Man Gaming have been amazing partners for Interceptor and Apogee, and we can’t thank them enough for helping us to get ROTT out there so much so that we turned a profit in week one.”

Apogee and Interceptor haven’t done with Rise of the Triad yet, with the launch of the games mod tools some time at the end of the month, and word of some sort of free DLC, there’s a lot ahead for the game. So if you’re yet to try Rise of the Triad, I’d definitely recommend giving it a spin.

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