Everyone’s gearing up for Gamescom which takes place in Cologne, Germany next Wednesday 21st and will last until the 24th. We’re expecting some big announcements, one of which is that Kalypso Media will be there with Rise of Venice!

The latest trailer highlights the political machinations of the game world, where it’s more than just about making money, but also about “who you know”.” In Rise of Venice, you will be challenged to sail the seas of a lush 3D world, trading goods, while also working to earn the votes of the “Council of 10”, a group that can make or break your political career.

I’m not too into political simulation games, but I can certainly respect the amount of detail within this games level design. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Rise of Venice will be released in the UK and export territories as both a boxed retail version and digital download for Windows PC in autumn 2013.

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