Saints Row IV

saints-row-4-white-house-wallpaperThis week Deep Silver announced that Saints Row IV is a “smashing commercial success” selling over one million copies after just one week of being on sale. The game also tops the video game charts on all platforms in almost all major European countries.

This news means that the fourth instalment of Stains Row completely destroys the first week’s sale numbers over the prior release from THQ, Saints Row: The Third by almost triple.

The game received a lot of controversy in the months running up to the games release, it struggled to get classification in Australia over the classification board’s concerns over the prolific drug use and use of a weapon that can only be described as an “Alien Anal Probe”.

“A global commercial success such as this within the first week since launch of Saints Row IV proves the strength of this brand.”, comments Menno van der Bil, International Commercial Director, Deep Silver. “The over the top nature of Saints Row IV underlines the Deep Silver brand strategy perfectly and we are also ecstatic about the critical praise the game has received.”

Saints Row IV even received some criticism from our editor Robin, who later fell in love with the over the top nature of the game, you can read his review here.


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