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playstation 4Gossip is just that – gossip. Even if it happens to come from the mouth (or in this case, fingers) of a dude in the position to receive a definite release date of Sony‘s PlayStation 4, but we’re all still free to speculate.

A member of the “nexus of hardcore gamers, enthusiast press, and video game industry developers and publishers”, NeoGAF, discussed with fellow forum-goers the possibility of an October release for the console:

Rumor: Our internal product release schedule from head office dropped yesterday and on Oct 21st an unnamed Sony console will be launched. Fyi all console revisions like the ps360 slims and Wii Mini were listed as ps360 & wii mini. Previously the wiiu, 3ds and vita were also only listed as Nintendo/Sony Console in the product name column.

If the launch date for a product is unknown, it’s simply marked TBA. The only time a date is ever included is when we have received confirmation of said date from the product company.

They continued by stating that neither do they have extensive insider knowledge nor do they work for or in affiliation with Sony, only that they manage the “electronic sales force” of a “very large retailer”. Their role was later confirmed as “mod-verified” by another member of the forum; remember that this is a community full of devs and insiders, so moderator confirmation has the potential be pretty legitimising.

But then there’s the distinct probability that this is complete tosh. Such evidence is certainly not concrete unless Sony say otherwise at tomorrow’s Gamescom event. A date of 21st October (probably not for the folks of Europe, by the way) somehow feels too early, especially when one considers that the PlayStation 3 arguably saw a launch in time for Christmas back in 2006, but then does the month of release truly impact all that much upon overall sales? Maybe not at all, but hey – guessing games are fun. Feel free to join in.

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