SimCity on Mac

SimCity on Mac

Everyone remembers SimCity. Well good news is on August 29, 2013, Mac will be receiving a digital release. Other good news is that the title will have a cross platform online gameplay with PC. Players will be able to jump back and forth between cities with friends.

The cost of the game for the Mac Standard Edition will cost about $40 and for the Deluxe Edition, $60. For Mac owners, I am sure that they are hoping for a smoother launch that it’s PC competitor. The game was supposed to have an original release date of June 11, but was delayed two months. While Mac owners wait in the winds, the PC owners had a release date of March 5th.

For those who have purchased the PC platform version of the metropolis builder, regardless if it was the boxed or digital copy of the game via PC, they will receive an automatic entitlement for the Mac version via Origin.

The developers at Maxis stated that the game sports a new engine that is going to give the game new life and a new direction that SimCity has never seem before in the 24 years the title has been around. There was bad news in the beginning. The servers were overcrowded so that made gamers turn to hacking the game and trying to take it offline.

All the options from the past, such has destroying your city, are still available and will be even more fun than ever. Lookout PC players, the Mac fanboys are on the way and will be stepping up this 24 year old title and taking it to a new level.

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