4344SpongeBob_Screen1SpongeBob fans grab a Krabby Patty and sit down I’m about to share some exciting SpongeBob news with y’all!

Activision and Nickelodeon are combining to make any fans of  Bikini Bottom dwellers dream come with a third person, action adventure game that will be hitting consoles later this year. The plot, well, Sheldon J Plankton is of course still very much obsessed with stealing the the Krusty Krabs secret formula and plans on building a mechanical army to help get his stubby little plankton hands on the formula. In a perfect mix of Exploring, combat and puzzle solving you will Join SpongeBob and friends to fight off Plankton and his metal minions.

Fans of the Nickelodeon show will be happy to see the TV version references throughout Planktons Robotic Revenge, play on your own or in co-op party and choose between your favourite character, are you a SpongeBob, Squidward or are you more of a Patrick?

Expected release date is October 22nd and will be available on Nintendo’s Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS, Xbox 360 and PS3, (DS/3DS will not support co-op play).

For more information head to facebook.com/spongebob.

Thanks, GameSpot for the video!

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