steam_greenlightSteam announced it’s latest batch of Greenlit titles last night which was a surprising batch of 100 games. In the past we’ve seen Greenlit batches come out with smaller numbers of games, say around 4 or 5 at a time, but 100, that’s a lot by anyone’s standards.

Steam wrote that this number of Greenlit titles was issued to stress test their systems:

“As we work to streamline the publishing workflow and improve the tools available to developers preparing for release on Steam, we’ve reached a point where we are ready to stress-test our system.

The best way to accomplish this is to invite a significant number of developers to use the updated tools and systems, ship their games and software with these tools, and to give us feedback so that we may continue to improve the process.”

Steam did note that future batches won’t be as large but “if everything goes smoothly we should be able to continue increasing the throughput of games from Greenlight to the Steam store.”

The list is pretty extensive but contains some pretty fantastic games like Road Redemption, Armikrog, Black Annex, Constant C, Dino Run SE, Escape Goat, Gravi, Megabyte Punch, Mutant Mudds, Omegalodon, Shadow of the Eternals, and The Impossible Game.

If you want to skim over the list yourself you can shoot over to Steams post, here.

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