It’s been one year since Steam launched their community driven game approval process and to celebrate Steam’s Greenlight service’s first birthday they’re giving us a present. A massive birthday bash sale on 50 games that were given, well, the green light.

The savings start at anything from 10% off to a whopping 75% off and here’s an example of some of the games on sale which will be ongoing from now until September 2:

Afterfall Insanity Deluxe Edition, Dream, No Time To Explain, Game Dev Tycoon, Waking Mars, Edge of Space, Surgeon Simulator 2013, DLC Quest, Bleed, McPixel, Evoland, Euro Truck Simulator 1 and 2, and Gear Up.

Let’s all celebrate together by throwing more cash at Steam and downloading some pretty awesome games at bargain basement prices! Whilst we’re on the subject of sales you can also pick up Prison Architect for £11.99, and Wednesday’s Deal of the Day, Cities in Motion 2 is also on sale for £3.74, finally Natural Selection 2 is free all weekend with a 75% saving on the full game. A pretty good weekend I’d say.

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