HTC One Blue

HTC One BlueWhen it comes to phones, I am not excited about them all that much, as I only see them as a communication device. Phones were designed for people to communicate with each other over large distances, linking us with one another before the times of the internet. But phones have become so much more then that now. They are considered anyone’s go-to device from cameras to portable gaming devices. And for those of you that adore your phones like a newborn baby, here is something you may enjoy.

As of a couple days ago, @evleaks had revealed that the HTC One was going to come in a blue variant, possibly with a release sometime this year. According to Engadet, the new variant does not seem to have a carrier branding, so it will be possible that the phone will be released in other countries other than North America, such as Europe.

Also, according to PhoneArena, it appears that Verizon has recently added the blue phone in it’s internal systems, along with an unconfirmed release date of August 15th for the HTC One with Verizon, but no mention of the blue variant.

This is Travis, signing off.

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