Even though everything is turning wireless today there’s still an abundance of cables left for us to manage as we adopt more technology into our lives. My bed side unit is absolutely littered with wires, most of which are chargers, for the vast array of devices I own. That’s why I now use the Mii Cable Tidy.

The Mii Cable Tidy looks like a bear, it’s adorable! It functions as a cable tidy as well as a handy stand for your smartphone or tablet. Made of strong and durable plastic there’s an abundance of holes and grooves for you to wrap your cables and earphones around it so you’re not tripping over wires whilst your device is plugged in. To keep things even tidier the Mii Cable Tidy also fits onto any plug and hangs from the wall outlet whilst your smartphone is charging.

This little cable tidy comes in a variety of colours such as green, black, white, red, or blue and for around £5 you can’t argue with having a tidy workspace! You can grab the Mii Cable Tidy from

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