After seeing so many titles for zombie games it made me think about all the old titles prior to this generation of the Zombie genre in video games. It has made me think about the change between the staggering, limping zombies to the sprinting, punching infected as were calling them now, you know, because they have feelings too. So I thought I’d go back into the past and play “Zombies ate my Neighbors”.

Zombies ate my Neighbors, which I will now call “Zombies” for short, is a classic title developed from Lucas arts and published by Konami. The game is about two kids, Zeke and Julie trying to survive a monster apocalypse caused by a mad scientist. That is pretty much the story of the game, plain and simple, just how I like it.


The gameplay consists of you choosing between either Zeke or Julie, or both if there are two of you, saving the civilians dotted around each level, which are completely oblivious to the dangers around them, before the monsters kill them and throughout each level you find a variety of weapons to face against the variety of monsters trying to kill you.  Once all civilians have been saved you progress to the next level and given a password to play that level again. You are given a variety of weapons that range from some playful and silly like waterguns, cutlery and cans of pop to serious weapons like a bazooka and a weed wacker.

Not only that you can obtain a variety of items to help you throughout the level. Keys are the most common one to unlock doors and cupboards for secret weapons or items while others such as the holy symbol and the mysterious potion which can turn you into a monster of pure rage or something else entirely.

Despite its name the enemies come in a variety of styles, mostly inspired by pop culture horror films. These range from the common zombie, werewolves, mummies, masked chainsaw psychopaths and giant babies. Yes, giant babies. Those are just to name a few of advisories you’ll face

each one with different strengths and weaknesses to different weapons, so aim right or you won’t die. And thus it continues until you reach the last level, the boss level, where you fight the man who started it all. Fighting him in various different forms just like a true final boss should be.

ZombiesThe game is considered to be underrated back in the 90’s as it was given high praise from gamers and companies alike for it cartoonish look, the playful feel and the little attention to details the developers made, such as blowing a door open with a bazooka if you don’t have a key, but sadly it didn’t receive the recognition it deserved.

However, due to advancement in gaming technology and popular demand Zombies has been made through the Wii and upon release has received an editor choice award from IGN, Which is available for 900 Wiipoints/$8 on the Wii market. Zombies did have a sequel titled “Ghoul Patrol” but it wasn’t as well received as its predecessor.

So that’s it really, a game about two kids facing a variety of monsters and getting the girl, teacher or baby in a 16 bit world of pop culture wonder.

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