Now there have been a lot of genres throughout the gaming industry, knights saving princesses, aliens invade earth, and the old classic “you are the only one that can stop that evil guy”, to name but a few. Now when it’s comes to terms of originality for games, The Firemen, just might have been given a ribbon and a pat on the back. The Firemen?  With a name like that surely you play as a couple of guys with the power of flames, right? Well reader, you’re wrong. You just play as a fire fighter, fighting fires.

So I may have summed up this classic SNES game in just a few short words but there is a reason as to why I’m putting another underrated gem in the Throwback section. Simple, This game is different. Fireman is about a building, the company, which has somehow set on fire and is spreading quickly. You, a team of two fire fighters named Pete and Danny, are sent in early to stop the flames reaching a certain chemical in the basement which could cause more harm, of course this continues throughout the entire tower battling a variety of flames and saving trapped civilians.

Firman 2

The gameplay is what I love the most about Fireman. Pete is the only one you control, equipped with a portable fire hose with unlimited amount water and there is Danny the “Tails” of the duo, armed with only a fire axe, he’s immortal and supports you with water bombs if you have them on hand. Occasionally you will meet survivors, you’ll know when you’re near when you hear the heart monitor beeping away. Survivors are the only means of recovering health; sometimes they heal you a little and sometimes a lot and it’s because of this Fireman is quite difficult. But I think it is quite ingenious with the enemies. You’d think with a game about a fire fighter it would just be constantly fighting one type of flame. Well, let me tell you there are quite a huge variety of different flames. You have tiny little embers that need to be put out, standard fires that are just in the way or you have the a wall of fire running at you to name but a few.

FiremanThen there are the bosses, yes, bosses that are just fire. It’s very clever and a little bit silly to give huge flames a type of A.I with its very own fighting pattern but it does give it that video game feel. Just imagine a game like this without any bosses what so ever? Boring, right? You’re also given a fire rate as well this is just how much of the fire you put out on your way to the end of the level.

The dialogue is poor and the cut scenes are slow which probably the only bad thing about this game. I’ve yet to complete this game myself which just proves how hard it is considering some sections of the game are quite short. Overall this game burns with such a uniqueness that anyone who plays it will be addicted.

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