Plastic cups phone speaker

Life hacks are great, they can save you money, they can keep your food fresh, they can fix a host of problems you can face in day to day life and generally make your life that little bit easier.

The internet is awash with these ingenious little ideas and suggestions, and a whole host are designed specifically to make bits and pieces of technology work better, so here are some of the best tech based “life hacks” around, maybe you can use a few to good effect yourself!

5. Use guttering to clean up the leads from your desk space.
This one is a great one but does take quite a bit of assembly, which is the reason it brings up the rear of this list.

All good life hacks need to solve a problem, and this one is no different. Anyone with any sort of computer desk knows how cluttered and untidy the leads that hang around underneath the desk can be.

Well the geniuses over at came up with a cheap solution to this issue, screw a length of guttering to the back of your desk and place all your computer related wiring into said guttering, it makes your work space seem a lot tidier.

ku-xlarge (1)

As I mentioned there is some set-up necessary for this one, but if you have a free Afternoon it should not be too difficult, for instructions click here.

4. Use bulldog clips to keep wires from falling behind your desk.
Another work space related fix, this time it has more to do with practicality and solving an irritating problem that may affect some computer users, especially those who use laptops at a designated work desk.

Bull dog clips on desk life hack

As you can see this trick is to remedy the problem of wires that are used often at a work station from falling down the back of the desk when they are not in use.

This tip is especially ingenious because of its simplicity, it has no construction time unlike the first one mentioned, and you may not even need to leave your house to get it up and running, bull dog clips are one of those items you’ll probably laying around your house somewhere.

This is not the only useful use of bull dog clips in terms of handy solutions to some of life’s little problems, they can solve a bunch of day-to-day issues that may arise. Some have even suggested you can use the clips as a phone stand, for both your desktop and your car, however with the latter I’m not sure I would trust such a fix to keep such an important piece of tech safe.

3. Using a pen spring to stop chargers and headphones from breaking and bending.
This is one that’s been around for a while but it remains a useful tip to stop the end of everyday wires from bending and breaking.

Simply take the spring from an old pen and slowly twist it around the wire you are looking to protect, at the end which is in danger of becoming frayed, and once the spring is completely on the wire it will stop bends and in turn, breaks.

Pen spring wire life hack

This trick is definitely most appropriate for Apple fans out there, I’m not pointing fingers and trying to start an Apple vs. Android debate but in my experience their wires are a lot more susceptible to becoming worn from too much bending.

2. Homemade phone stand and speaker.
In at number two is probably the most unashamedly tacky on this list, however it is a useful tip all the same. Bare in mind however that this is one that you’ll want to use as a quick fix rather than a long term replacement for a phone speaker, and you may not want to be too keen to show it off in front of your friends.

Much like some of the others on this list it is the simplicity of this trick that makes it so genius. Take a toilet roll, minus the toilet paper, line up your phone and make a mark to cut around and you have a sound amplifier for playing music or movies from your phone. Push a couple of pins into the back of the toilet toll and these should keep the contraption up, turning a used toilet roll into a speaker stand.


Note, some people have taken this trick to another level and added plastic cups to either end of the toilet roll, thus increasing the sound amplifying effect.

Plastic cups phone speaker

1. Use foil to save the day when the right size batteries are not at hand.
This is a trick that I could have used on so many Christmas mornings as a child. Particularly useful for those times your TV remote stops working and you decide that leaning towards the TV and pushing the buttons harder will not do anymore.

In these situations you always discover that pair of AA batteries you could have sworn worked when you chucked them in a drawer months ago, now all you have is a couple of AAA batteries that never found a home.

Well you can go ahead and place the AAA batteries in the spot where the AAs were supposed to go, just push them down to one end and fill the negative receptor with tin foil.

Batteries life hack

This will have your battery powered gadget/ toy or TV remote working a charm, until you can pull yourself away from that sitcom marathon to pop to the nearest shop and get the right batteries of course.

There you have it, some of the simple low-cost tricks and tips to aid your high-cost bits of kit. This is of course just some of my personal favourites, if there are any you think I’ve missed or any you’d like to suggest please comment below.

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