Virtuix Omni

Getting to the gym can, at times, be difficult. For those of us that enjoy a good bit of cardio but simply have to complete a Veteran campaign first and foremost, perhaps this will spark some interest. Virtuix‘s Omni Natural Motion Interface – an omnidirectional virtual reality treadmill – will place the most hardcore of hardcore (or at least the wealthiest of wealthy) gamers in the epicentre of their favourite titles to get them off of the sofa.

The treadmill allows for movement in all directions, as well as the ability to jump and perform other actions when used with additional virtual reality devices. As far as crouching and walking backwards go, however, that’s something that needs to be worked on.

Pre-orders for this wondrous, futuristic doohickey will set you back $499 USD for the standard package, and a whopping $1,019 USD for a pair. Each treadmill will be shipped with a pair of swanky Converse knock-offs which enable users to glide across the Omni‘s surface as gracefully as a horse on ice, but not to worry; a support harness will be hiding somewhere deep in the polystyrene peanuts to keep users upright. Just be sure to check your own proportions against Virtuix‘s size guide in the product overview before making a purchase.

Impressively, NASA have already begun taking steps into integrating the Omni into their exploration of Mars in unison with the Oculus Rift VR headset. For those of us who will be able to afford the Omni treadmill but were never graced with the intelligence of an Astrophysicist, all that’s left to do is buy some appropriate gaming weaponry to ensure the zombie apocalypse, Templar threat or Alduin Prophecy feel all the more real… minus the pain that comes with being gnawed on or stabbed.

[Source: Polygon]

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