luigi bumble v

luigi bumble vHave you ever found yourself with a silly amount of money and thought “the best thing I could possibly buy with this ridiculous amount of money is a life size Luigi bumble V kart”, no? Oh..

Well today I stumbled upon this ebay listing (no creeper, small children are not included!). The kart was part of the grand prize for the Mario Kart 7 3DS sweepstakes, what a prize, The family from Maryland are now bored of having it in their front garden and are willing to part with it.

Personally I think it’s new home should be here at N3 towers, I would work in it and eat lunch in it and most probably have a mid afternoon nap in it, totally worth what it would cost to ship it over.

There’s no motor so there’s no zooming around in it but any smarty pants that ends up buying it could easily fit a motor and then boom, you’re Luigi, kind of!

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