worldoftanksxbox360World of Tanks developer Wargaming sent out a butt load more invites to the closed beta of the 360 Edition of World of Tanks which included more North American testers and finally some European gamers too!

When the World of Tanks for Xbox 360 beta test began it was only available to those lucky enough to be in North America, those of us further to the east could still sign up to the beta but they were only sending keys out to those across the pond. Earlier this week however Wargaming set out more invites which included us Europeans too! Hooray!

According to Wargaming they’ll be releasing access keys every week for players in the US, Canada, and Europe giving players access to brand new US and German teir VII and VIII heavy tanks – if that means something to you and you’re excited to get involved you can sign up on the official website right now!

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