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Xbox Live

Microsoft have announced that the Xbox Live Family Pack will no longer be available after August 27th, with all gamertags activated through the pack will be converted to individual full gold member accounts for the remainder of the time the pack allowed. Each converted account will also be given 3 months free Xbox Live due to the change. 

The Family Pack, which allowed parents to monitor Microsoft Points transactions and put certain parental controls onto their children’s accounts, is being ditched in an effort to “prepare for new and exciting upcoming benefits and features on Xbox Live Gold.” However, all other default parental controls will not be affected by the conversion.

This conversion does not come at a total surprise. With the end of the Microsoft Point currency, it does not make sense for features specific to Microsoft Points to stay implemented. Microsoft have yet to comment whether a substitute for the pack will be introduced.

What’s your opinion of the family packs? Will they be missed? Leave your comments below, and check back with N3rdabl3 for more gaming news!

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