xboxonewhiteIf being one of the many employees hired by Microsoft to think-up, create, and build the next generation Xbox wasn’t enough, they’ll all be getting a limited edition white console all to themselves if this leaked images is anything to go by.

In recent times Microsoft have done away with the white coloured Xbox that they first started with way back in 2005 with the later “slim” models only coming in black. Even the next generation Xbox One is all black at least that’s the colour us peasants will be getting. If you’re a Microsoft employee that’s been spending a significant time on the Xbox One, you’ll be getting a fancy White and Grey one absolutely free. Hell, they’ll even etch an “I Made This” along with “Lauch Team [something]” next to the disk drive slot.

If that’s not all they’ll receive an entire year of Xbox Live, all first party games, and a special unique achievement all for free. This employee only special edition Xbox One will be given to those who work full-time (as of July 12th this year) in Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business who are still employed at launch.

Microsoft haven’t confirmed or denied the image which appeared first on NeoGAF and then on Reddit so this could all be a fancy Photoshop jobby which is a shame, I mean, look at that controller. I want it to be true! Gimmie that white and black controller!

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