purplericeWith the recent launch of the cheaper Red Rice Xiaomi handset there’s now a teaser for something called the Purple Rice which as far as the teaser image is concerned looks to be Xiaomi’s first Tablet.

As far as rumours go the tablet is due for release on August the 16th, a date which is also rumoured to be around the time the Xiaomi Mi3 and the Xiaomi TV is set to be announced. The Purple Rice is said to cost around about 999 Yuan which is around $160.

The tablet is rumoured to pack MediaTek’s MT8125 quad-core processor and cellular radio under the hood. The screen size is also said to compare to that of the iPad Mini so we’re looking at anything from 7-9 inches for the screen size.

Chances of a western release are very, very, very thin so chances are if you’re keen to get a hold of any Xiaomi handsets it’s probably worth seeking an importer. Or just bother our editor Robin who’s heading out to China in September – I’ve already placed my order.

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