Zynga have announced that on September 30th they’ll be fully shutting down OMGPOP, the developers behind the rapidly popular mobile Pictionary game, Draw Something, much to the companies protest.

Before Draw Something, OMGPOP began life as an online gaming portal located at Draw Something rapidly became a popular Pictionary-like game for mobiles. It’s popularity faded just as quickly as it came after Zynga bought the company for around $200 million and subsequently laid off most of the team.

It has since come to light that Zynga, since the release of Draw Something 2, plan to completely shut-down the company and aim to do so by September 30th. The now Zynga branded Draw Something and it’s sequel will remain, but the company itself and the website will both be shut down – something OMGPOP weren’t too pleased about.

It’s been reported that OMGPOP tried to buy back their site only to be told to “talk to the hand, ’cause the face ain’t listening”. According to a recent post on TechCrunch various sources familiar with Zynga told them that OMGPOP were “in direct contact with Zynga leadership in an attempt to buy back the site or continue operating it, yet Zynga refused.”.

The sources also stated that various members of OMGPOP tried to buy back site, games, and intellectual property. They also reported that some team members wanted whatever Zynga was willing to sell even if it didn’t include Draw Something assets or user data but essentially were told to shove off saying that this would take too much legal work and wouldn’t agree to sell anything.

On August 29th several games available to the 30,000 active users of including Cupcake Corner, Gem Rush, Pool World Champ and Snoops, will be shut down early with the site to follow in September.

How sad..

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Kevin Newton
Kevin Newton

OMGPOP took the money instead of sticking with their guns, now they’ve lost everything.