Cliff Bleszinski’s next project previews are, different.

Over the last few weeks game designer Cliff Bleszinski has been posting some cropped images for his upcoming project.

So far, only four have been shared and the images lead us to no sure fire idea as to what the game is about. Take note however that the following images are very much cropped.



See, till this point you would think that it makes sense and we are going to get some kind of ‘The Last of Us’ mixed with ‘Density’. But then you see the following…


Cliff Bleszinski, what on earth are you doing?

Concept art these may be but really lets look at it. What on earth can we honestly tell about his project from these images? Other then some space elements, guns and…sports? Nope. I’m out.

What do you think Cliff is working on? Leave a comment below.

  • Frankthemonkey

    Judging Cliff’s previous work, I’d guess some overblown b0ll0cks involving guns, biceps, and nothing at all like a coherent plot, good writing or a sense of immersion in a plausible environment.