Mojang Has Sold Over 12,000,000 Copies of Minecraft.

minecraft-logoMinecraft is now available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Raspberry Pi, Android, iOS, and soon to be available on Xbox One, and PlayStation 3 and 4, and PS Vita. That’s a lot of platforms, but the number in the title, that’s 12 million, only counts for the versions bought through their website (I believe). That’s a lot.

So let’s put that in numbers, at full price the game costs €19.95, lets convert that to GBP, which is currently £16.88, for the sake of calculations, we’ll round it up to £17. So for each copy of Minecraft sold, not including discounts, would amount to £204,000,000. Two hundred and four million quid for what is essentially a digital LEGO game.

It’s probably safe to day that Notch and his team have done well for themselves on a game that probably has an endless lifespan. There’s no need to release a sequel thanks to the game’s ever expanding features and world.

To that, I tip my hat to Mojang, well done.

[Source: Minecraft Stats]

  • dnkndntsd

    Their 12 million count also includes those accounts purchased in Alpha and Beta, which were cheaper at the time. I myself purchased 3 accounts for myself and friends at $10 each a long while ago.
    Regardless, the number is quite impressive. It’s a fantastic game that deserves recognition!