Deal of the Day | Call of Duty Games up to 50% off on Xbox Live

Call of Duty Black Ops 2Larry Hyrb a.k.a. Major Nelson has announced some big savings on his blog this week, one of which is a massive Call of Duty sale that lasts from the 3rd of September all the way to the 9th with some games up to 50% off!

This counts every single Call of Duty game that has ever been released starting with Call of Duty Classic, right through to Black Ops 2. Want to know more? Here’s a list of what’s on sale, how much they’re discounted, and how much they cost.

Call of Duty Classic £6.69 33% off
 Call of Duty 2 £11.99 25% off
 Call of Duty 3 £11.99 25% off
 Call of Duty 4: MW £14.99 25% off
 Call of Duty: WaW £14.99 25% off
 Call of Duty: MW2 £19.99 33% off
 Call of Duty: Black Ops £26.99 40% off
 Call of Duty: MW3 £24.99 50% off
 Call of Duty: Black Ops II £34.99 33% off

They’re not the most astronomical savings, but they’re savings nonetheless. I’m surprised that Modern Warfare 3 is the only one at 50% off, though I thought it was the worst Call of Duty ever made.

Major Nelson also announced a bunch more savings coming to Xbox Live this month, you can find the full list here.