Deal of the Day | 500GB PlayStation 3 GTA V Bundle plus The Last of Us plus Breaking Bad only £199


It looks as if GAME have gone crazy. Not only are they offering a 500GB PlayStation 3 for £199, they’re offering GTA V bundled with the console, if that wasn’t enough they’re also throwing in a copy of The Last of Us plus Season One of the US hit TV show Breaking Bad. All for £199. And no, I’m not joking.

On September 17 it seems that everyone will be missing work as the launch of Grand Theft Auto V is under way. The whole of the world’s gamers will be consuming copious amounts of Monster Energy Drink whilst they pull an all nighter which will turn into an all-day gaming session on Rockstar’s latest instalment into the Grand Theft Auto series.

It also seems that GAME have gone a bit bananas with the idea because they’re throwing a massive bundle out there for gamers to pre-order which includes a PlayStation 3 console, GTA V, The Last of Us, as well as the first season of Breaking Bad.

Head to GAME’s online store right now to throw cash at your screen. If that doesn’t work, then it’ll probably be easier to enter your credit card details?